About GRI

Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is an international independent organisation whose mission is to create conditions for the transparent and reliable exchange of sustainability information

GRI is working towards a situation where the disclosure of economic, environmental and social performance is as commonplace and comparable as financial reporting, and vital to organisational success.   

GRI has a robust Sustainability Reporting Framework which provide guidance for organisations as to how to disclose their sustainability performance applicable to any size of business and from any sector or region. The framework includes generic indicators of performance applicable to any or all sectors along with some supplemental sector specific guidance. There is not as yet a forestry or forest products sector supplement.

It facilitates transparency and accountability by organisations, and provides stakeholders  with a universally applicable, comparable framework from which to understand disclosed information.

Companies commit to reporting on performance, targets and management systems relating to up to 79 indicators in six categories: Economic, Environmental, Social (Labour Practices, Human Rights, Society and Product responsibility). The reporting process drives improvement by publishing targets and reporting against them, therefore exerting a pressure to improve performance.

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