Summary - GRI Social Performance Indicators

 Information on Management Approach
LA1 Breakdown of staff by type, contract, and region
Not applicable
LA2 Turnover by age, gender, and region
See ‘Our People, Our Priority’
LA3 Benefits provided to full-time employees that are not provided to temporary or part-time employees
The company practice in relation to benefits provided to full-time, temporary or part-time employees take account of the provisions of the Protection of Employees (Part Time Work) Act, 2001 and the Protection of Employees (Fixed Term Work) Act, 2003.
LA4 Percentage of employees covered by collective bargaining agreements
An estimated 80% of Coillte employees are covered by collective bargaining agreements.
LA5 Minimum period of notice for operational changes
The Company engages fully on all aspects of significant operational change, including timeframes, with the unions representing staff.
LA6 Percentage of total workforce represented in formal health and safety committees (additional)
100% of Group industrial workforce.  All Coillte Group employees are encompassed by health and safety procedures aimed at ensuring consultation and information transfer.
LA7 On-the-job accidents and illness
Group Incident Rate (OSHA) 2.4. 251 lost days involving group staff in 2009. No fatalities involving staff.
LA8 Programs for management of serious diseases
Safety and skills training on-going. Risk assessment procedures in place.  Employee Assistance Programme in place.
LA9 Health and safety topics covered in formal agreements with trade unions.  (additional)
Structured procedure are in place to ensure that health and safety topics are addressed and any issues arising are dealt with through consultation between the parties.
LA10 Average hours of training per year per employee by employee category (additional)
Data in respect of operational based training is recorded and available. The company is currently putting in place a system which will provide  comprehensive reporting on employee training data across the Group for future reports.
LA11 Programmes for skills management and lifelong learning that support the continued employability of employees and assist them in managing career endings (additional)
The Coillte Group is committed to employee continuous learning and development and supports broader learning through an  Employee Own Development Initiative and through its Performance Management Employee Development (PMED) programme.
LA12 Percentage of employees receiving regular performance and career development reviews (additional)
The Coillte Group operates Performance Management/Employee Development process which provides regular performance and career development reviews to almost 60% of employees. The remainder are covered by production linked payments systems which provide ongoing performance related data and are in receipt of an ongoing skills assessment and interventions where necessary.

Composition of governance bodies and breakdown of employees per category according to gender, age group, minority group membership, and other indicators of diversity
Board of Directors (Non-Executive), Audit Committee of the Board, Corporate Governance Committee of the Board, Internal Audit, External Audit, Group Executive Team

See Social Section - Age Profile and Gender Balance Tables

Minority group membership:  Information not available at present

LA14 Ratio between salaries of men and women
The Coillte Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer and is fully compliant with current relevant legislation
Human Rights
HR1 Percentage and total number of significant investment agreements that include human rights clauses or that have undergone human rights screening
HR2 Suppliers assessed as regards respect of human rights
HR4 Cases of discrimination
HR5 Risks for right to freedom of association and collective bargaining
All staff have the right to be members of a staff representative body.  At present 80% of all staff are member of such bodies
HR6 Risks for use of juvenile labour
HR7 Risks for use of forced labour
HR8 Percentage of security personnel trained in the organization's policies or procedures concerning aspects of human rights that are relevant to operations. (Additional)
Not relevant to Coillte
HR9 Total number of incidents of violations involving rights of indigenous people and actions taken. (Additional)
SO1 Nature, scope, and effectiveness of any programs and practices that assess and manage the impacts of operations on communities, including entering, operating, and exiting 
Coillte operates a procedure for the assessment of the environmental and social impacts of forest operations, enterprise developments, including protection, mitigation and enhancement measures at all sites.  This procedure is audited annually as part of forest certification and is considered to be effective
SO2 Analysis for risks related to corruption
SO3 Staff trained in the prevention of corruption
The Coillte Group has an Internal Audit Division and has in place a comprehensive policy on Ethics in the Workplace to which all employees are required to adhere
SO4 Actions taken following cases of corruption
Nil.  Coillte has Internal Audit Procedures which address this matter.  In addition, the company has a Disciplinary Procedure, agreed with the unions representing employees in the company.  These are in addition to the standard year-end Financial Audit and normal recourse to the provisions of civil law
SO5 Positions concerning public policy and lobbying
Coillte does not make policy but where appropriate, Coillte makes a contribution to development of policies in forestry, renewable energy, green procurement and carbon sequestration, or other appropriate areas of interest to the group
SO7 Legal actions for anti-competitive behaviour
One since the company was established and the case was ultimately withdrawn
SO8 Sanctions for non-compliance with laws or regulations
Product Liability
PR1 Life cycle stages in which health and safety impacts of products and services are assessed for improvement, and percentage of significant products and service categories subject to such procedures
Coillte: forest certification assesses health and safety matters.  In addition, Coillte operates a HIRA Procedure which dictates that  prior to commencing operations on any Coillte site, a Hazard Identification Risk Assessment (HIRA) is carried out to identify, assess and control risk
Medite: Forest certification, CARB Certification
SmartPly: Lifecycle stages - production process only
PR2 Total number of incidents of non-compliance with regulation and voluntary codes concerning health and safety impacts of products and services during their life cycle
Coillte: In relation to forest certification, Coillte has always retained its certificate.  However, there have been a number of recommendations and Corrective Actions, all of which Coillte has addressed to the satisfaction of Auditors
Medite: None
SmartPly: None
PR3 Type of product and service information required by procedures and percentage of significant products and services subject  to such information requirements
Medite: Labelling Requirements: CARE;
CE Marking: Product Identification; bar codes.
Commercial documents – as per labelling.
All products are subject to such information requirements
SmartPly: Board labelling requirements; packaging labelling, installation instructions, MSDS, brochures.
All products are subject to such information requirements.
PR4 Non-compliance with regulations concerning product and service information and labelling
Coillte: None
Medite: None
SmartPly: None
PR5 Practices related to Customer satisfaction, including results of surveys measuring customer satisfaction (additional)
Customer Satisfaction has been identified as a key objective for the Coillte group.  In this regard, a third party has been commissioned to carry out a customer satisfaction survey across all of the business areas.  This survey will form a baseline to measure future performance against and identify areas for improvement in service delivery as well as products and service offerings.  This work builds on the existing customer service initiatives including:  A specialised Issue Register for Customers;  Key Account Managers in place for larger customers and  A customer Charter which was developed in consultation with our customers
PR6 Programmes for adherence to laws, standards, and voluntary codes concerning marketing communications, advertising, promotion and sponsorship
Coillte adheres to the Irish Advertising Code, which is based on the principles established by the International Chamber of Commerce requires that all marketing communications:
  • Should be legal, decent, honest and truthful
  • Should be prepared with a sense of responsibility to consumers and society
  • Should respect the principles of fair competition generally accepted in business.
PR7 Total number of incidents of non-compliance with regulations and voluntary codes concerning marketing communications, including advertising, promotion, and sponsorship by type of outcomes. (Additional)
Coillte: Nil
Medite: Nil
SmartPly: Nil
PR8 Total number of substantiated complaints regarding breaches of customer privacy and losses of customer data. (Additional)
Coillte: Nil
Medite: Nil
SmartPly: Nil
PR9 Sanctions for non-compliance with laws or regulations concerning the provision and use of products and services
Coillte: Nil
Medite: Nil
SmartPly: Nil