Summary - GRI Environmental Indicators

EN1 Materials used by weight and volume
Coillte Panel Products: See Energy Section for Coillte Panel Products - Materials Used
EN2 Percentage of materials coming from waste recycling operations
Not applicable in this case
EN3 Direct energy consumption by source
See Energy Section for direct energy comsumption by source
EN4 Indirect energy consumption by source
Not applicable in this case
EN5 Energy saving due to conservation and efficiency improvements (additional)
1. Coillte have introduced wood pellet burning boiler and solar panels to provide heating at our HQ facility in Newtownmountkennedy. Savings on energy calculated at 150000 kwhs per annum
2. Refiner plate design:  reduction of 30kWh per ton of oven dry fibre produced (Line 1)
3. Installation of plan low energy lighting:  Will result in savings of 40405.5kw / €118,374
EN6 Initiatives to provide energy-efficient or renewable energy based products and services and reductions in energy requirements as a result of these initiatives (additional)
Coillte have introduced the 'Power of One' initiative at our offices but do not yet have figures to show energy reduction details
Coillte have are at the early stages of examining the feasibility of using a small wind turbine at our HQ and possible other sites and are also investigating the use of an Archimedean screw at other sites close to river locations
EN7 Initiatives to reduce indirect energy consumption and reductions achieved (additional)
Video conferencing and voice conferencing facilities have been installed at all major Coillte offices.
EN8 Total water withdrawal by source
See Energy Section for total withdrawal by source
EN10 Percentage and total volume of water recycled and reused (additional)
SmartPly: surface water discharged - 18,800 m³
EN11 Land owned, rented or managed in protected areas
See Environmental Section - Nature Conservation Designation 
EN12 Description of greatest impacts on biodiversity
Coillte manages 15% of its forests with nature conservation as its primary objective. 
For further information, please see: Nature Conservation on Coillte website
EN13 Habitats Protected or Restored (additional)
Between 2002 and 2009, Coillte carried out three habitat restoration projects co-funded by the EU LIFE-Nature Programme; Taken together, our Blanket Bog (2002-2007) and Raised Bog (2004-2008) restoration projects have restored over 2,500 hectares of bog on the Coillte estate in the west and midlands.  This included the felling of coniferous trees on over 1,400 hectares and the blocking of forest drains on over 1,900 hectares in order to restore hydrological levels.  Our third LIFE project, Restoring Priority Woodland Habitats (2006-20009) concluded in December 2009.  Through the removal of exotic tree and shrub species from over 550 hectares, this project has put in place conditions which will allow priority (native) woodland to regenerate naturally in future years.  The very high quality of the implementation and reporting on Coillte’s Raised Bog project has been recognised by its selection among the 23 best LIFE-Nature projects out of the 73 that finished and were evaluated in 2009.  
For further information please see details of Habitat Restoration Projects on Coillte website
EN16 Greenhouse gas emissions
As a comprehensive measurement systems is not in place, a complete figure is not available for Coillte Corporate.
See Energy Section for current greenhouse emissions data 
EN17 Other indirect greenhouse gas emissions
Not applicable in this case
EN18 Initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (additional)
It is intended to minimise the use of geka diesel burner through careful management of fuel and fuel hogging in winter months
EN19 Emissions of substances harmful for the ozone layer
Not applicable in this cases
EN20 NOx, SOx, and other significant air emissions
See Energy Section for Other Air Emissions
EN21 Total Water discharge by Quality and Destination
See Energy Section for total water discharge by quality and destination
EN22 Total weight of waste by type and disposal method
Not available at present
EN23 Total number and volume of significant spills
None to report
EN26 Initiatives to mitigate environmental impacts of products and services
Coillte Panel Products: Forest certification since 2001 ensures that Coillte manages its forests responsibly. In addition, Coillte operates an Environmental Impact Assessment procedure, through which an assessment of all possible environmental or other impacts is carried out prior to the commencement of any operation on site. As a result of such an assessment, mitigation measures are implemented
For further information please see details of Certification on Coillte website
Coillte are members of Repak and produce annual returns in relation to the amount of waste packaging we produce both through internal distribution of products and service and from external purchase of waste packaging materials. E.g. plastic bags, plastic drums, pallets, paper, cardboard

Medite: Forest certification, ISO14001 Certification, CARB Certification, Membership of Repak

SmartPly: Forest certification, IPPC licence Environmental Management Programme
EN27 Percentage of products sold and their packaging materials that are reclaimed by category
See Energy Section - Reusing and Recycling
EN28 Fines and penalties for non compliance with environmental law and regulations
None to report
EN29 Impact of transportation for the business and staff travel (additional)
Coillte: Coillte run a fleet of 140 vehicles made up of vans, cars, trucks and tractors. Of these 97% run on diesel. We are currently preparing to trial bio-diesel and lpg alternatives in some of these vehicles

Medite: Not currently measured

SmartPly: Not currently measured