About Coillte

Coillte’s core purpose is to enrich lives locally, nationally and globally through innovative and sustainable management of natural resources.

Coillte is a commercial company operating in forestry, land based businesses, renewable energy and panel products.

The company employs approx 1,000 people and was established in 1988. It owns over 445,000 hectares of land, about 7% of the land cover of Ireland.

Coillte manages its forest estate for timber production, land based businesses, renewable energy, recreation and nature conservation.  Today, more than 15% of Coillte’s estate is managed for nature conservation to protect rare species and habitats.  Coillte’s commitment to habitat restoration has been recognised internationally.

All Coillte’s forests have an open forest policy and visitors are welcomed, according to the Leave No Trace principles.  People can access miles of walking, hiking, multi access, and long distance trails, enjoy the thrill of cycling new world class mountain bike trails, picnic, watch wildlife, visit megalithic sites and forest parks or just sit back and enjoy the outdoors!  

Coillte forests have been certified since May 2001. This demonstrates that they are well managed in accordance with strict environmental, social and economic criteria.