Employee Training and Development

The Coillte Group is committed to employee continuous learning and development and supports broader learning through a number of programmes.

These include an 'Own Development Initiative' for employees which encourages staff to seek out and obtain additional educational qualifications that support the needs of the business. The company, where appropriate provides financial sponsorship and support, including paid exam and study leave, for approved employee development and educational courses leading to professional, academic and vocational qualifications.

In addition, the company utilises a Performance Management Employee Development (PMED) programme process which provides regular performance and career development reviews to almost 60% of employees.  The remainder are covered by production linked payments systems which provide ongoing performance related data and are in receipt of an ongoing skills assessment and intervention where necessary.

Coillte provides extensive operational training for its staff in areas such as IT, forestry skills, health and safety, environmental awareness, archaeological and landscape issues.

All data in respect of operational based training is recorded and available.  The company is currently putting in place a system which will provide comprehensive reporting on employee training data across the Group for future reports.