Organisational Profile

The Coillte Group

Strategy and Analysis
1.1 Statement of the most senior decision-maker of the organization
See Chairman’s Statement
Organisation Profile
2.1 Organisation Name
See Corporate Information in Annual Report
2.2 Main brands, products and/or services
See Division Reviews in Annual Report
2.3 Operational structure of the organization
See Corporate Information in Annual Report
2.4 Headquarters
See Corporate Information in Annual Report
2.5 Countries of operations
See Corporate Information in Annual Report
2.6 Ownership structure and type of legal entity
See Director’s Report in Annual Report
2.7 Markets served
See Division Reviews in Annual Report
2.8 Scale of the organization
See CEO Report in Annual Report
2.9 Significant changes
See CEO Report in Annual Report
2.10 Awards received
See Divisional Reviews in Annual Report
3.1 Reporting period
The reporting period is the 2009 Calendar Year
3.2 Previous report’s date of publication
No previous GRI Report
3.3 Reporting frequency
Reporting frequency is annual
3.4 Contact point for information on report
Report Purpose and Scope
3.5 Process for defining contents
This report reviews Coillte’s entire operations and examines their relationship to the company's sustainability performance. It covers issues of high importance to Coillte management and issues addressed through the company’s forest certification process.
3.6 Report scope
The report scope is the Coillte Group
3.7 Limitations of report purpose or scope
There are none - other than where stated
3.8 Information on other associate companies
The information is included in the report
3.10 Modifications compared with previous report
This is the first GRI report by Coillte
3.11 Significant changes compared with previous report
There are none
Index of GRI Contents
3.12 Table of reference
For table of reference see GRI Compliance Table
3.13 External assurance
External assurance is not applicable
4.1 Governance structure
See Director's Report in Annual Report
4.2 Indicate whether Chairman also holds an executive role
The Chairman does not hold an executive role
4.3 Independent and/or non-executive directors
See Board of Directors in Annual Report
4.4 Mechanisms for making recommendations to Board of Directors
Recommendations can be made to the Coillte Board of Directors via the Company Secretary’s Office for inclusion in monthly board meeting. Staff can submit recommendations via the Worker Director who is a member of the Coillte board, representing staff interests.
4.5 Link between directors’ remuneration and performance
See Group Performance in Annual Report
4.6 Mechanism of conflicts of interest’s avoidance
Mechanisms for addressing conflicts of interest are laid down in the Forestry Act and Memorandum and Articles of Association for Coillte.
4.7 Directors’ qualifications
See Board of Directors in Annual Report
4.8 Mission, values, codes of conduct, and principles
See Our Business in Annual Report
Stakeholder Engagement

List of stakeholders engaged
Coillte also maintains a comprehensive stakeholder database.
See: Stakeholders section in Sustainability Report to see stakeholder groups which are engaged by Coillte.

4.15 Principles for stakeholders' identification and selection
See: Stakeholders section in Sustainability Report to the read about the principles for stakeholders' identification and selection.